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A short visual novel inspired by Slavic mythology set in a present world where monotheistic religions never existed and everyone still worships the old gods. Two romantic options are present and the game includes a glossary of terms.

Made by Raven, Ostrze and Aru with music by Morten for MyFirstGameJam Summer Edition 2016

21.06.2019 - v3 is released!

Install instructions

Unzip the contents and run Fern_Flower_v2.exe. Enjoy!


Fern Flower v3.zip 124 MB


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This game is very cute and simple. I like that it's short and that it has elements of Slavic mythology (since I'm a big fan of any kind of mythology). I love the character artwork, it's very different and pretty.

Very nice art!

I keeps telling me there is an error while extracting.

I tried downloading it and didn't have problems but I'll reupload the file just in case. It might also be your antivirus as for example Avast considers the game file suspicious (it's in fact not dangerous at all.) I'm sorry that you are having this problem, i hope this fixes it!

it still doesn't work is it because i have a mac?

Ah, that explains it. Currently we only have a working Windows version, sorry!

lol that explains it, well hope you make it for mac soon